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Tonight It’s Poetry…more specifically, Sunday night! I’m very excited to have my first-ever feature in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I’m being hosted by the delightful folks at Tonight It’s Poetry, a vibrant slam community who very generously hosted the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in 2012. It feels very appropriate that I will be having my first feature in the same city that I did my first national competition in, and that I will take my first solo airplane ride to the same place that I took my first airplane ride to. I’m not sure that last sentence made sense grammatically, but, whatever…it’s not like I’m a writer or anything, right? Oh, wait…

Anyway, if you find yourself suffering from the Sunday evening blues, you should come out and hear some spoken word! A slam is exactly what you need to start your week off right – all that energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and passion! How could you not float through the rest of the week with a smile on your face?

Tonight It’s Poetry First Slam at the Bassment – Featuring Beth Murch

“After a raucously successful first show at the Bassment, Tonight it’s Poetry returns for round 2, and this time for a slam. Sign up for the slam is on a first-come first-serve basis. Exceptions are made for first-time slammers, but otherwise you must be there in person to sign up before we reach our limit of twelve poets. In addition to the slam awesomeness, we have an incredible feature all the way from Kitchener Waterloo, Beth Murch. Those of you who saw her at CFSW 2012 in Saskatoon know that this is a must-see performance. Slam starts at 8:30; sign up starts at 7:30.”


All I Can Do Is Love You


This morning, on my Facebook timeline, someone posted a joke entitled “50 Reasons To Not Date A Poet”.  #3 was, “Everyone will think you are the jerk that they are writing about” and #4 was, “You will be the jerk they are writing about”. I actually don’t write very many poems involving people that I know – and not just because I want to avoid liable! 🙂 Poetry is pretty intimate for me…if I write something about you, even if it is angry, it means I love you on a deep level. Before anyone gets all a-twitter, however, be assured that this poem was inspired by the writing prompt “all I can do is love you” from Make Spoken Word Go Viral and is not about you…or is it?!

All I can do is love you
Because you won’t let me do anything else
You pass on my offered heart
Like Ryan Gosling refusing to eat cereal
My friendship is that piece of toilet paper
Stuck to the bottom of your shoe
That you can’t quite kick off
And you wonder what is holding it in place so well

Sweetheart, you don’t want to know the answer

All I can do is love you
And I’m happy to give you that love
Because I know you need unconditional love
But I need you to know that this love fucking sucks
It scrapes up the insides of my heart
Like a D&C performed with glass shards
There are no rainbows and honeybees here
The red roses and blue violets
Are the bruises you left on my soul
When you stopped answering my phone calls
Because it got in the way of your self-destruction

As if I didn’t know anything about self-immolation

All I can do is love you
Because you took the last of my money
To go on an all-expenses paid vacation
To a resort with high, barb-wired walls
Punctuated only by sniper towers
If you had left me a map
I could dig my way under the barriers
And either stage an epic rescue
Or join you at the misery buffet
Gorging on sorrow until we vomit
Preparing to do it all over again
I don’t have the finances to bribe the guards
And I’m not as pretty as I once was
So, I have to convince you to leave me a clue
A handkerchief, a broken watch, a message in code
But you spurn me as I wait in the trenches
Wearing camouflage and armed to the teeth

Left to my own devices, the only blood I draw is my own

All I can do is love you
And somehow learn to be content
In the act of love itself
Because I don’t know if you ever really loved me
Or meant anything you said to me
If every promise you made was really a con
So you could get what you need before you found something better
I don’t know if you will ever come back to me
Or if this fractured moment in time
Will lead to any blessings
I’m tired of your lack of accountability
I’m sick of you refusing exactly what you need
I’m angry because you threw my friendship on the ground
Stomped on it, set it on fire, and then pissed on the flames
All I can do is love you
And if that love is dirty, burned up, and saturated with urine
Well, then, it’s up to you to run it a bath and towel it off
Dab its cuts with iodine and brush its hair
And just be grateful, for once, that its yours to have

This love isn’t going anywhere, whether you want it to or not

ryan gosling cereal

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