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The Things I Want To Say But Go Unsaid…The Words That Should Not Have Been Spoken



My very first chapbook.

I ordered 50 copies and they are almost all sold. I’m saving a few for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. I might have to print more! It feels really special to hold your words in a hand-bound volume. Only $10!!!


Spoken Word & Activism Fair at Night/Shift


Kitchener-Waterloo Poetry Slam is co-hosting an all-night spoken word/literature event and activism fair with The New Quarterly Literary Magazine. KWPS’ 2013 slam team will be performing and it will be our last show before we head off to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Montreal. Also, David Delisca, a truly fabulous artist, will also be featuring. You are not going to want to miss this!



Night/Shift Facebook Event Page

Poetry & Music at The Station Coffee House and Gallery


I have the really special privilege of being Kitchener-Waterloo’s poetry slam team’s captain this year. We are gearing up for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (a huge national spoken word competition): putting the finishing touches on our poems, buying our bus tickets (the competition is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada this year), and (this is the biggie)…FUNDRAISING!!! It costs a tremendous amount of money to attend this event – it is a week-long festival, and we are responsible for our own travel costs, food, lodging, necessities, etc. Most of us end up sleeping on floors and eating granola bars so that we can represent our cities (and afford a pint of beer or two…as I always say, “a mouthful of liquor helps the poetry come out!”). Kitchener-Waterloo is having a joyous fundraising event October 25th at The Station Coffee House and Gallery in Brantford. Our team is going to give you a little preview of what we are bringing to CFSW, there will be plenty of merch for you to buy, musicians will serenade you, and there will be lovely art-loving people surrounding you. I’ll see YOU there!

Poetry &Music
The Station Coffee House and Gallery
October 25th, 2013

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Loving Fat Bodies: Moving Past Oppression Towards Celebration


Here’s fun thing that I am doing! On Wednesday, October 16th, 2013, I will be performing/running a workshop at the University of Waterloo, hosted by the UW Women’s Centre for Love Your Body Week. My presentation is called “Loving Fat Bodies: Moving Past Oppression Towards Celebration”. I’m really looking forward to throwing down some awesome, size-positive, loving spoken word pieces and engaging the audience with stories, laughter, resources and discussions of what it means to be an ally for people of all sizes.

Loving Fat Bodies: Moving Past Oppression and Towards Celebration

Hosted By: UW Women’s Centre
Wednesday, October 16th, 2013
17:00 until 20:00
SLC, Multi-Purpose Room

The Women’s Centre invites you to an event apart of our Love Your Body Week Campaign, facilitated by the lovely Beth Murch. Come to the Multi-Purpose room on Wednesday, October 16th at 5pm!

Fat bodies are very rarely represented in the media, and when they are, they are depicted as being dirty, smelly, and disgusting. Fat people are often seen as lazy and lacking in self-discipline, and are frequently dismissed by doctors, friends, and lovers. This workshop seeks to not only challenge negative stereotypes of fat people, but to encourage people of size to find the beauty in their bodies while suggesting ways that people of all shapes can be allies to each other.
Spoken word artist and comedian Beth Murch will share poetry that expresses her experiences as a fat womyn and then lead a discussion about fat oppression and loving fat bodies. Participants are encouraged to bring questions, to engage with each other, and to laugh loudly. A list of resources for further exploration will be distributed at the end of the workshop.

Outline of the Workshop:

Introduction: who participants are and why they are attending, who Beth is and why she is presenting
Performance: Beth will perform her spoken word poem “Fat” and her comedic monologue “The Eff Word”
Discussion/Questions and Answers: participants will share their reactions to the poem, ask Beth questions about her experiences as a fat performer and fat womyn, discuss issues of fat oppression and fat empowerment, brainstorm ways to act as allies to people of all sizes, share their own stories and experiences, and have fun! A handout will be provided to workshop attendees.

Head Shot By Alex Bailey