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Love Is A Slurry of Wood Pulp & Optical Brighteners


My heart is like wet tissue paper:
Fragile, unsustainable,
Disintegrating upon contact.
The cheap dye gets everywhere,
Staining fingertips and sofa beds.
The worst part is that I still remember
What it was like to be a fierce, ancient tree
Before I became a shredded, soggy mess.

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Despite the fact that I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember, I’m ever-so-new to spoken word. Between you and me (you know, you 50 gabillion jillion internet confidants you), there are times I still giggle and clap my hands when I am asked to perform somewhere…so the idea of me doing a showcase makes me feel like the captain of the football team (cheerleading team?) asked little old me to the prom (shhh…don’t tell anyone, okay?). Now I am sharing a stage with EL JONES, of all artists, for goodness’ sakes, a national treasure straight outta Halifax. Damn. This is a big deal! We’re going to spit serious feminist poetry (well, I’m not truly serious about anything…except coffee first thing in the morning. No coffee? We’re through. Game over.) and celebrate wimmin and trans* folk. Please come out and support me. I’m going to buy a new dress for the occasion and everything! 🙂

showcase cover photo

Kitchener-Waterloo Poetry Slam Presents:
International Women’s Week Showcase
Featuring El Jones & Beth Murch

March 11, 2014

Two powerful poets share the stage offering a rich range of work that will challenge you even as it inspires you. Don’t believe us? Just read bios. It’s going to be an amazing night.

EL JONES is a spoken word activist and teacher. She was the two-time captain of the back-to-back national championship Halifax slam team in 2007 and 2008. El has performed all over Canada, including at the 10th Anniversary All-Star edition of When Sisters Speak in Toronto. In 2012, she was sponsored by Citizenship and Heritage Canada on a reading tour of Nova Scotia with George Elliott Clarke. Her poetry is particularly committed to political causes and social justice and has worked extensively with organizations around Halifax performing and presenting on issues of social change. She is dedicated to using poetry in prison outreach and youth engagement, and volunteers twice a week at Centerline Studio on the corner of Uniacke and Gottingen. El is current artistic director of Word Iz Bond Spoken Word Artist Collective and can be seen performing on the third Thursday of every month at the Company House at 2202 Gottingen Street in Word Iz Bond’s SPEAK! series, one of the oldest continually running spoken word series in Canada. She currently teaches in the African Canadian Transition Program at NSCC and in the Women’s Studies program at Acadia. El believes that poetry can empower the powerless and give voice to the voiceless.

BETH MURCH is a tree-hugging, crunchy-granola freak show and social justice activist who works as a full-spectrum doula and independent placenta service provider. When she is not chanting down Babylon, dancing naked in the rain or calling little Buddhas forth from the womb, this wicked poetess can be found creating and disturbing peace through her literary craft which draws upon themes of sexuality, nature, spirituality, and Feminism. In her free time, Beth enjoys baking bread, painting pictures of goddesses, dismantaling systems of patriarchy and oppression, studying herbalism and learning to knit. Her goal is to live on the edge of the woods, healing people with mysterious herbs, telling fortunes, and decorating her dreadlocks with feathers, bones, and shells. Beth is a well-known performer in Waterloo Region, sharing her spoken word with a variety of audiences. Her annual performances at the Kitchener erotic literary event Cliterature have been known to bring down the house and her humourous instructional workshop Get The Clit 101 was transformed into the film Cherry On Top by Femme Fatale Creations ( Beth has competed nationally at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (2012) with The Flying V’s, K-W’s first-ever spoken word team and at the Ontario International Poetry Slam (2012). She was captain of K-W’s 2013 team which competed at CFSW in Montreal in November 2013. Beth has been published in Bearing Witness: Childbirth Stories Told By Doulas, Joyful Birth, Zeugma!, Firebrand, Breadcrumb Scabs, Proud Magazine and OUTVisions Magazine.

OPEN MIC to follow. Anyone can sign up at the door to perform!

$5-10 or Pay What You Can
Little Bean Coffee Bar, 417 King St W, Kitchener

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