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I tried to cup my hands around it,
But it leaked out between my fingers.
I poured it into a jar,
Screwed the lid on tightly,
But it rolled off the table
And shattered on the floor.
I buried it in the furthest corner of the yard,
Back behind the garage,
But it put down roots,
Sprouted shoots,
And now the flowers glow in the moonlight.

I know their smell bothers you.
I understand that their light pollution obstructs your slumber.
But the love that pours out of my heart
Is mighty sticky,
And it gets all over everything.

I’m a messy person.
Everywhere I go,
I leave fingerprints and footprints,
Bits of bioluminescent petals,
Splatters of my love.

You are such a clean freak.

clean freak
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