Beth Murch’s poetry reflects the most sensitive struggles of human life as experienced by a natural empath and village wyse womyn with a profound sense of understanding. Her work is a mirror of everyone’s struggles, hopes, and fears, brought to bear on the sensitive solidarity that binds us all together. Murch’s manner is forward and energetic, confronting injustice, healing its listeners, and providing impassioned wisdom. A lone, tender-yet-fierce voice that speaks of love, spirituality, feminism, social justice, mental health, the medical industrial complex, issues of sizism and body positivity, Murch’s simple poetic style will linger with audiences.

“Beth Murch’s is a unique poetic voice that refuses to shy away from the dangerous or the difficult. A place of hope amidst the darkness, her poems agitate with compassion and slice through life’s shadows until a light emerges.” – Mary Pinkoski

“I first saw Beth Murch recite on stage a few years back and from the first stanza I was hooked. She is delightfully uncommon and often full of surprises. She is one of those artists that I will always go out of my way to see on stage, because it is always well worth the trip”. – Sean O’Gorman


Photograph by Colleen Rintoul Photography