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Upcoming Events Avec Moi


I’m a busy little Queen B these days, and over the next few weeks, there are some events taking place where you can find me, if you want to!


First off, Precious Blueberries, you can find me facilitating two workshops at the Birth and Beyond Conference in London, Ontario from October 20th-22nd. The first is entitled, “Conceiving Your Story: Telling Tales” and the second is “Birthing Your Story: Telling Tales”.


If you still haven’t gotten enough of me at the Birth and Beyond Conference, you can catch me hosting their Birth House event, where the birthy folk will be showcasing their amazing talents such as spoken word, dancing, singing, storytelling, and so much more! 


What’s new, Pussycat? Whoa-oh-oh! You can find me at the Pussycat Lounge in Hamilton, Ontario, celebrating women/wimmim/womyn/womxn who love women/wimmin/womyn/womxn. No matter your gender identity, you are welcome to take in the music spun by DJ Michael Simla and the creative work of Debra Anderson and myself. It’s going to be purr-fect!

Trees, Bees, and Babies!

Peace and Blessings!

Bethy ❤


Shiver For Me…


It’s cold! Every winter, I ask myself why I haven’t left frigid Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario for the balmy climate of Vancouver, British Columbia…and then I remember that I’m a poet, and I have no money. A gal can dream, though, and those dreams taste mighty sweet since I can remember my trip to Vancouver so clearly.


vancouver tree
I may have had an erotic moment with this tree.

Commercial Drive with hippies, communists, mountains, and poets!

While I struggle through the season of chillblains (not just for Dickension characters, apparently!), let me catch you up to what I have been busy doing!

In October, the Kitchener-Waterloo Slam Team of 2015 went to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and we placed 5th in the country at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word! Yeah! We came hard and we beat big name teams like Toronto and Guelph. I’m proud of our team’s work!

wall of bees
Queen B was very impressed with the bee theme on a Saskatoon street corner!

This poem earned me a standing ovation from the audience and some mixed reactions from my colleagues.

 In December, I performed at a fundraiser for Plan B Co-operative KW, a not-for-profit providing queer community spaces and resources for folx in Waterloo Region. It was called “Homo For the Holidays” and featured some amazing hiphop from 8th Iotomic.

In January, I performed at one of my favourite annual events – Cliterature! The show, put on by Shelley Secrett of Secrett Events, is a celebration of wimmin’s sexuality through song, dance, storytelling, poetry, and pretty much anything you can think of. Yes, there are vulva cookies. Anyway, it was a rocking good time with lots of laughter, some tears, a whole lot of kombucha, and a very generous audience.

me cliterature
Pre-show selfie!

carolina miranda photo
It’s showtime! Photo courtesy of Carolina Miranda.

Next up will be a feature in Brantford, Ontario on February 5th, 2016 (it’s an anti-Valentine’s Day slam!) and my super awesome FUNdraiser, Step Up, Speak Out: A Celebration of Resistance, which is happening on February 20th! Come out! Come out and play with me!

Step Up, Speak Out: A Celebration of Resistance

Legal fees? More like BEAGLE FLEAS! hyuck, hyuck, hyuck!

Other than some wicked writer’s block, that’s about all that’s new with me! I’ll leave you with a writing exercise I did today trying to inspire a poem. The task was to create a list of nouns. Here is my list:

figs, dates, earth, brown, calendula, bees, sunflowers, rose petals, bee hives, honey, alchemy, sand glass, robin’s eggs, twigs, marsh, cemetery, wildfire, smoke, barn, nettle, clover, dew drop, bluegrass, socks, trees, paint, clay, rope, anchor, salt, amber, candle, incense, lighter, crystals, ice, snow, apples, coffee, cigars, apothecary jars, beeswax, maps, books, and sextant.

I couldn’t come up with a poem out of all that, but maybe you can! Share and give me some inspiration!

Trees, Bees, and Babies!

Peace and Blessings,

Bethy ❤

Raw Like Sushi, Tender Like Tomatoes: Vulnerability and Ferocity in Spoken Word – a workshop by me!


How do you feel about FREE workshops? How about FREE workshops with snacks?

If you are looking for something to do on April 11, 2015, come out to my super-amazing-tremendously-awesome-no-hyperbole-whatsoever workshop at the Kitchener Public Library!

KW Poetry Slam Presents:
***FREE*** Workshop with BETH MURCH

Saturday, April 11th, 2015. Free.
1:30 PM Performance in Front Lounge
2:00PM – 4:00 PM Workshop in Room A
Kitchener Public Library, 85 Queen Street North
Folks are welcome to attend part or all of the programming.

Do people tell you that you are “too emotional”? Have you ever really wanted to get up on stage to spit the truth but worried that instead, you will open your mouth and nothing will come out? Do you carry bog roll with you to spoken word events because you are afraid that liquid fire reality will blast out of you? Are you plagued by stomach pains caused by keeping your mouth shut? Do you just need someone to tell you that you are special?

Then this is the workshop for you!

Spoken word is a diverse genre that allows for a multitude of voices, styles, and experiences, and yet, some of us are afraid to share our work with others because being vulnerable is a scary thing. Some of us have been discouraged from being “too radical” or “too fierce” while onstage. What’s wrong with choosing authenticity over popularity? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Say it loud, say it proud! The purpose of poetry has always been to convey messages: to tell personal stories, to expose our tender emotions, to display cracked hearts, and to find healing in the understanding that all of us are bruised, split, broken, hastily glued back together, and in search of understanding who we really are.

Beth Murch (a.k.a. Queen B a.k.a. Mama B) is a self-proclaimed stage-rager and a recovering soft-spoken “good girl” who has watered many a mic with her salty tears. Let her affirm the validity of your experience and affirm the importance of you sharing your words with your community. Learn ways to expose your delicate heart to your audience while acquiring techniques to keep yourself grounded and safe.

Come for the snacks, stay for the love, leave with the knowledge!

“Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind – even if your voice shakes.” – Maggie Kuhn

Facebook Event Page

_CBR0134 edit
Photograph by Colleen Rintoul of Colleen Rintoul Photography ( http://www.colleenrintoulphotography.com/)



My birthday is coming up (September 3rd, for those of you who want to send me presents), and I wanted to celebrate it in true poet fashion: a poetry event! This event is extra, super-duper, awesomely great because it is also a fundraiser for me to get to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, which is being held in Victoria, British Columbia in October. As an added bonus, this event gives me an excuse to show off two of my favourite, favourite, favourite poets in the whole wide world: Andre Prefontaine and Sean O’Gorman. This show is seriously going to be one of the greatest poetry events of all time, and you must find a way to make it here to Kitchener. My heart is so filled with love – birthdays, great friends, poetry, the chance to go to nationals…it’s all so beautiful.



Much like the origins of Kim Jong Sung, ANDRE O’GORMURCH was birthed as the black sky raged and the clouds separated like the legs of an Olympic gymnast. On top of a mountain click, click, click, down through the chimney of heaven emerged the heroes…

Sean O’Gorman – The panty-dropper
Andre Prefontaine –The panty-wearer
Beth Murch – The no panties at all!

They were all pushed down the tube, all at once, too soon, so they formed:


Golden like the sun, radiant as the stars, and smelling like a bathhouse the day after Pride, ANDRE O’GORMURCH descended from the top of holy Mount Anne Murray to bring the people what they wanted: a fuckin’ kick-ass, mother-fucking, father-fucking, seal-clubbing, nipple-pinching, bra-burner of a poetry show. Fuck yeah!


It is our pleasure to bring to you, for one night only, a performance that will not only ravish your heart, mess up your head space and rearrange it so it better suits your new life perspective. ANDRE O’GORMURCH will dazzle you, charm you, sell your email to a third party advertiser AND inspire you. It’s a birthday party, a fundraiser, a poetry showcase, a chance to hoop a small dead animal… No. No, that’s just fucked up!


Sean O’Gorman: Is an international performer of spoken word and has competed in national poetry slams multiple times. His work teeters between the brightness of possibility and the shadows of self doubt. His style is extremely personal and this is why he is able to connect with other people, putting to words what is too often never spoken.

Beth Murch: Is a tree-hugging, crunchy-granola freak show and social justice activist who works as a full-spectrum doula and independent placenta service provider. When she is not chanting down Babylon, dancing naked in the rain or calling little Buddhas forth from the womb, this wicked poetess can be found creating and disturbing peace through her literary craft which draws upon themes of sexuality, nature, spirituality, and Feminism.

Andre Prefontaine: Is known as ‘Hurricane Sassy’. Sardonic, hilarious and will make you question your sexuality, in a good way. His poetry comes from the hard, cracked earth of the Prairies, where traditional ideals of masculinity flourish like the wheat that becomes Canada’s bread – and yet, his words are both as lush as a Boreal forest and as lonely as the call of a solitary loon on a glassy lake at twilight.



Facebook Event Page: ANDRE O’GORMURCH

This is what happens when you take three normal looking people and smash them into a single image.

Kitchener-Waterloo Poetry Slam & Open Mic: Featuring C-Command


I’m going to be hosting this awesome, super-cool slam tomorrow! You should totally come, because C-Command is going to rock your socks…you have no idea the treat that you are in for. Plus, you know the good folks at Cafe Pyrus are going to take good care of you, filling you up with all their yummy kombucha and tasty veggie goodies. Come early if you want to score a sweet seat!

KW Poetry Slam + Open Mic ft. C-Command
Sat Aug 9, 2014
Cafe Pyrus, 16 Charles St West Kitchener
$5 or Pay What You Can
Signup at 7pm, Open Mic at 7:30pm, Slam round 1 starts at 8pm. Come early and have dinner at Pyrus!
All Ages. This is a wheelchair accessible venue. Please email us if you have any questions, or any access needs at kwpoetryslam@gmail.com

See the Facebook event page here: August Poetry Slam

Poetry & Music at The Station Coffee House and Gallery


I have the really special privilege of being Kitchener-Waterloo’s poetry slam team’s captain this year. We are gearing up for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (a huge national spoken word competition): putting the finishing touches on our poems, buying our bus tickets (the competition is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada this year), and (this is the biggie)…FUNDRAISING!!! It costs a tremendous amount of money to attend this event – it is a week-long festival, and we are responsible for our own travel costs, food, lodging, necessities, etc. Most of us end up sleeping on floors and eating granola bars so that we can represent our cities (and afford a pint of beer or two…as I always say, “a mouthful of liquor helps the poetry come out!”). Kitchener-Waterloo is having a joyous fundraising event October 25th at The Station Coffee House and Gallery in Brantford. Our team is going to give you a little preview of what we are bringing to CFSW, there will be plenty of merch for you to buy, musicians will serenade you, and there will be lovely art-loving people surrounding you. I’ll see YOU there!

Poetry &Music
The Station Coffee House and Gallery
October 25th, 2013

The Station House Banner Ad

Open Mic/Poetry With Beth Murch


One Sunday a month, I will be hosting an open mic complete with snazzy feature poets at Creative Cup Coffee House in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. It is a tremendous honour to be asked to be Mistress of the Mic, and I am looking forward to hearing all the amazing poems that being written in Waterloo Region…and beyond!

Please come out to cheer on the brave souls who will be sharing their masterpieces, to revel in the inspiring performances of our skilled features, to eat/drink/be merry, and to get out of the house on a Sunday afternoon. Come over and say hello to me! I’m the big, bohemian-looking lady with freaky hair (or a giant scarf, depending on the day), and I would love to give you a cuddle.

June 23rd Open Mic

Creative Cup Coffee Shop