Beth Murch’s workshops have been described as “trans-formative”, “life-changing”, “healing”, “loving”, and “relaxed”…not to mention “hilarious”, “accessible”, and “comforting”.  Some popular poetry-related workshops she has lead have included:

– “The Pen as Guru, The Paper As Prayer: Writing as a Spiritual Practice”
– “Writing as an Act of Healing”
– “The Blessings of Writer’s Block”
– “Every Body Belongs”
– “Loving Fat Bodies: Moving Past Oppression Towards Celebration”
– “Raw Like Sushi, Tender Like Tomatoes: Vulnerability and Ferocity in Spoken Word”
– “Conceiving Your Story: Telling Tales”
–  “Birthing Your Story: Telling Tales”
– “Introduction to Spoken Word and Slam Poetry”
– “Spoken Word: Resistance, Activism, and Empowerment”

Murch has performed and facilitated workshops at many elementary, high schools, colleges, and universities in Waterloo Region and beyond, including: Eastwood Collegiate Institute, Sunnyside Public School, William G. Davis Public School, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Waterloo, and  Niagara College.

Passionate about social justice issues including poverty, gentrification, isolation, substance use, the prison industrial complex, reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ activism, body positivity, and sexual assault awareness, Murch has been actively cultivating workshops for House of Friendship and Al Control since 2014.

Murch’s extensive experience with diverse populations, including young people, survivors of trauma, seniors, and poetry skeptics make her a sure bet for your next conference, community event, classroom activity and so much more!

“Beth came to Al Control when I was there and shared her amazing poetry with us. Her passion and emotion brings her poems to life. Her poetry is so raw and real and it brought up emotions me that I hadn’t felt in a long time. If you ever have a chance to see Beth perform please do. She is an amazing lady and very talented. Thank you. Beth for being part of my recovery.” – Diana S.

“When I first met Beth,…in 2014 ,….i knew as soon as I saw her….she was an interesting woman, with beauty running through her, warmth, and knowledge on so many levels,….her spoken word poems definitely hit home and the words rang so true in her poems,….a few of them brought tears to our eyes,…she knows her stuff and has a lot of amazing info and ideas and is an all-around wicked awesome 🙆 woman,….xoxo much love to you Beth!!! 🌹 💝 🌈 😻 ❤ I KNOW I will never forget our interaction 🎇 xoxo” – Janna C.