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Interview With Reclaiming The Wild: Hump Day Hiatus


In case you weren’t able to catch my interview with Reclaiming the Wild for her Hump Day Hiatus podcast, here’s a recording for you to enjoy! It includes an impromptu performance of my poem, “F.A.T.” and some juicy discussions about body positivity.


Prairie Tour!


Hello Precious Blueberries!

I am reaching out to you because I am currently fundraising to get my tuchus out to the Canadian Prairies, where I have been asked to do some performances and workshops, as well as to fund my newest chapbook, which is chock-full of the earthy, sensuous, feisty, feminist, confessional poetry that you love.

I’d sure be grateful if you could spare a buck or two (or, hey, maybe a little more) in order to help me make this dream trip a possibility. I’m really overjoyed and honoured to be asked to share my poetry in other provinces, so I want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Bethy’s Fundly Campaign

Cliterature 2018 pic 2

Saskatoon Poetic Arts Festival 2018


Hello, Precious Blueberries! So, here’s a thing that you might not know about me: all next week, I’ll be in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, performing at the Saskatoon Poetic Arts Festival, alongside several very talented poets! Our heroine is feeling a little intimidated by her colleagues, but she is looking forward to learning so much from them. We’ll be up to all kinds of adventures: workshops, performances, group writing experiences…you name it! We’ll experience a performance and workshop by Sabrina Benaim, of “Explaining My Depression to my Mother” and Depression & Other Magic Tricks fame.

This is a tremendous opportunity for me, and it is one that I would not have had the privilege to experience were it not for the support and generousity of my incredible friends, lovers, dears, queers, and beloved anonymous fans. I am profoundly grateful to everyone who contributed to my YouCaring campaign (whose funding goal was met so quickly I didn’t even have time to make a blog post promoting it!). Plane tickets and other travel expenses are not cheap, and your donations have left this poetess humbled and grateful.

I will take lots of pictures, and I will be sure to keep you all updated on my adventures in Saskatoon!

Trees, Bees, & Babies!

Peace and Blessings,


spaf photo Photo Credit: Sherri-Lyn Finley of Little Bird Beginnings Doula Services.

NaPoWriMo Day Twelve


I have missed a few days of the NaPoWriMo challenge due to a combination of not feeling the prompts and Life “stuff”, but I’m trying to get back on the wagon. Warning: I’ve totally gone rogue. I’ll be posting things out of order and I’ll probably disregard most of the prompts.

Prompt 12/30: Write a Haibun

April Ice Storm

The robins are building a nest on the windowsill again. Their wings beat against the glass, a feathery knocking. The bathroom faucet is dripping, each wasted water droplet splattering the one before it, a wet smack. Snow from the April ice storm is drifting against the side of the building, wave after wave of whooshing, a ghostly echo of frozen beaches. In the bedroom, in this noisy silence, your rough hand gently scrapes up the white nectarine flesh of my thigh, leaving no mark and yet marking what is your own. Here the unspoken says what words do not.

Spring comes late this year
my heart races against your palm
flowers wait for warmth

robins-nest-web-1 Is this your image? If so, let me know so that I  may credit you.

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NaPoWriMo Day Eight


Prompt 8/30: Describe an Event that Can’t be Understood Literally


In the end, we buried it in the garden.

She used the trowel and emptied the whipped topping container that was repurposed into a makeshift casket into the hole.

I said a prayer to a G-d that was as silent as Life’s potential cut short before us.

Together, we placed a rosebush to mark the spot where something almost happened but didn’t…

…and yet, it kind of did, anyway.

rose bush
Is this your picture? If so, let me know so that I may credit you.

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NaPoWriMo Day Seven


Prompt 7/30: Write a Poem Where One Identity Contends or Discusses With another Identity

Warrior queen
crawls through forest,
single breast exposed,
dagger strapped to thigh,
calls for stags and wolves to be her companions.

Heroine needs no one,
rides off into golden sunsets alone
with naught but horse for companionship,
hides in thatched-roof cottages, disguised as hag living alone
except for spooky cats that come when beckoned by hands wizened by age.

Leather-tough and hard as nails,
princess needs no one to rescue her
when she slays her own dragons
and turn their hides into leather handbags.

But yet –
night falls.
Your arms open wide.
warrior queen becomes tender lover
and lays down her sword and shield.

Is this your photo? Let me know so that I may credit you.

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